The Convincing Powers of a Good Marketing Essay

There are three components involved when coming up with a marketing essay. First, there is the market. Second, the term marketing has to be defined. Lastly, an essay must be written to be able to call the whole product a “marketing essay.”

The market is a place or a venue where trade and marketing take place. It also refers to the target audience the marketing strategies are intended for. Marketing, on the other hand, refers to the different strategies employed so goals and objectives can be reached. Marketing includes all the procedures involved in promotions, publicity and advertising. An essay is a piece of writing intended for discussing a particular issue, from coming up with a set of questions to arriving at sound answers and conclusions.

A marketing essay, therefore, is an essay that aims to tackle issues in marketing. Its job, though, does not end there. It also has to offer concrete and reliable solutions to the marketing problems presented. A marketing essay basically discusses issues in marketing and surprisingly, it is at its best when the issues presented and tackled are controversial. Controversy is primarily why the essay will sell, and this has a strong impact on how readers buy the solutions offered. Because this type of writing is full of discourses and discussions, it is more than right to be writing about and presenting controversial issues. These controversial issues must focus mainly on problematic parts, because what discussions would take place without problems and issues, anyway?

There are also things to consider and questions to ask before even starting to write a marketing essay. The first consideration is that the essay must have a venue in the system of marketing. The author must focus on what particular marketing system the discussion will take place in. There should be grounds for the marketing issue that will be discussed. The second consideration is about the solutions that are offered to the marketing issues raised.

An inefficient essay will be the one that does not offer convincing solutions.