The Essay: More than just Words on Paper

It is an enjoyable read because it is meant to tell readers something important about an issue. It is a stand with significance because the written word can shape people’s minds. It is an essay.

Essay: A General Overview

An essay is a literary genre that is written in a manner with voice and tone from the perspective of the author. Non-fictional, subjective, expository and narrative are all types of essays. Others come in the form of literary criticisms, some share daily observations in life, while some are argumentative in nature. Most importantly, essays have a stand on an issue. It is basically done by sharing with readers what the author thinks about something, and then lays substantial materials that can support for the arguments that otherwise could not stand on their own.

Essays in Academy

Today, the essay is used as a tool in formal education. In school, writing and structuring essays are taught to students, especially those who are in secondary school. From learning how to write an essay, students start improving their general writing skills as well. In fact, learning how to write essays had grown to be essential in a student’s educational endeavors. Today, many schools worldwide require an essay submitted by student applicants to evaluate whether these students deserve to be admitted in the university or not.

Essays in the Arts

The essay, however, is not necessarily anything that is in print or on paper. It is not always written and read. An essay can also be painted, drawn or sketched. It can be sang, played on the guitar, or hummed with a violin. It can even be developed into a film, or be seen in a series of photographs. Visual arts essays, musical essays, film essays and photo essays — all these can be considered essays as long these pieces of art share a story and a meaning, and as long as they have a stand and a point to argue or share.

The essay is where the intelligent and creative thoughts flourish.